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Sonsray Rentals Donates Work Platform to Project Color Corps

By February 10, 2021No Comments

Sonray Rentals Donates Work Platform Boom Lift

Project Color Corps was in need of equipment that was going to take them to the finish line!

Shawni Young, the Director of Strategic Planning, received a call from an old friend, Rebekah Waites where she expressed she was in need of a piece of equipment to reach new heights. Rebekah was currently working as a project manager for a non-profit company, Project Color Corps. When Rebekah explained what Project Color Corps was doing for the Boys and Girls Club in Long Beach our Rental Team, Richard Vasquez, delivered in a moment’s notice.

project color corps

Project Color Corps is a non-profit organization whose goal is to transform communities though the power of color.  PCC believes in the transformational aspect of color when seen in abundance. They have been adding color to neighborhoods nationwide since 2011. PCC focuses on inspiring our youth and teaching community members the fundamentals of color and connectivity between emotion and color. The projects call for professional artists that come to help teach children and community members. The special thing about this project is that it’s all hands on deck. With the professionals working on the outline, the children of the community and anyone else who would like to assist can do so.

We let our Sonsray team know that PCC needed all the help they could get when it came down to the finish line of this project. With the boom lift there allowing the professionals to reach new heights of the building we also had our very own Sonsray Employees help! Shawni Young and Claudia Quintero and her son Jacob lent a hand to PCC. Shawni Young, a very talented artist, helped the cause down in Long Beach and got to get her hands paint-y. Claudia and her son Jacob said that the whole day was quite enjoyable, painting is almost therapeutic and fun getting out being in the sunshine.

Project Color Corps relies upon contributions, donations, grants and volunteers. Sonsray was happy to be able to donate a Boom Lift in a moment’s notice. In addition, Claudia and her son Jacob had a great day helping out the team at the Boys and Girls Club in Long Beach. We are fortunate to have been part of such a unique project.

We had the opportunity to catch Rebekah Waites at the Boys & Girls Club in Long beach to ask some questions about Project Color Corps and this particular project.