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Connecticut Acquisition

By January 16, 2024No Comments

Hello Connecticut! With the acquisition of our new store in North Haven, we’re happy to service
another great community! With exceptional customer service, reefer vehicles, ThermoKing certified
techs, and more!

Here to Help!

Inaccurate temperatures can drastically reduce your product’s shelf life. But with the help of Thermo
King and the addition of our industry expertise, you can ensure your product gets delivered fresh and
on time. Sonsray has a fleet of single-temperature reefer trailers for produce requiring one
temperature setting. As well as multi-temperature trailers that are designed to support three
temperature zones are used for various applications, including food distribution, broad-line
distributors, C-store distributors, event catering, and many more.

Sonsray Service!

Reliability is one of the keys to a great relationship, and with 24/7 mobile repair, you can count on us
to get you back on the road again. Currently operating out of thirteen full-service locations throughout
the west and east coast, our mobile fleet includes 48 trucks providing on-site service, maintenance,
and repair. Sonsray is a leader in climate-controlled storage applications, supplying both diesel and
electric reefer trailers. Our commitment to high service, support, and response levels has helped
Sonsray become the largest independent full-service refrigerated trailer rental company in multiple
states! Servicing New Jersey, New York (Long Island & Bronx) and now Connecticut! Continuing to
grow our presence on the East Coast!

Whether you need a reefer trailer rental for the upcoming season or an extended lease for your
existing fleet, we at Sonsray offer customized solutions to your business’s financial and operational
needs. To keep you on the move, our refrigerated trailer rentals are serviced regularly and updated
with the latest technology. Serving various essential businesses and offering many trailer options, we
are there with you every step of the way.